A Please Remove Shoes Sign Protects Your Carpet

Please Remove Shoes

As Fool-Proof as Stain-Proof Can Be

Tell me if this has ever happened to you before. It’s mid December and you have organized a dinner party for yours and your husband’s friends. You have meticulously prepared the food, popped open a couple wine bottles, and are ready to rock. Before you know it the doorbell starts ringing, guests stream in one by one, and suddenly you’re swamped trying to accommodate them all at once. Then “it” happens. A guest enters your house and (innocently) tracks in just a little bit of snow-mud. It’s not much, but it’s enough to leave a stain on the fringe of your fresh carpet. You want the guest to take off his shoes but asking directly feels awkward and rude. How can you politely protect your carpet? The answer is a small, inexpensive Please Remove Shoes Sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Please Remove Shoes

A Gentle, Friendly Reminder

 “But Sarah, that would never happen to me.” Wrong. You may think your carpet is stain-proof but it’s not. To be sure, here’s a simple 3-part test. Do you have any children? Do you have a dog? Do you entertain frequently? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” then your carpet is in serious danger. Just think of all the rubbish your son kicks up when playing outside (much less his friends). You definitely don’t want ANY of that on your carpet.


Carpet Stain

Trust Me--It could Happen To You

Truth is, carpeting is too expensive not to protect. At prices of up to 35$ per square yard, a small 38$ please remove shoes sign should come standard. I know—you expect your guests to recognize your sterling carpet and understand to remove their shoes automatically. So did I. But this just isn’t the case. Some guests will not remove their shoes unless they can see a sign telling them to. Remember, It only takes one slip up to permanently stain your carpet. Fortunately, these stains are preventable.


Tell Guests to Head For the Hills if They Don't Remove Their Shoes

A gentle, polite, please remove shoes sign will send the right messages without any of the anxiety of downright yelling at your guests. Your house, carpet, and friendships are all worth safeguarding. Protect yours today.

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