Customize Your Last Minute Gifts!

Just because it’s December  does not mean that Santa’s Sleigh is full! There’s still plenty of time to order last minute gifts gifts from Atlas Signs and Plaques for the people on your list. Just remember, the cutoff date for Christmas Delivery is December 15th. We cannot guarantee orders after this date will arrive in time for Christmas.

On a Different note, Here are 5 fantastic last minute gift options from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

I am Man, Hear me RoarYour Looking at the Closest Thing to the Perfect Gift Ever

1)  The Man Cave sign is the perfect last minute gift. This is a great choice for your husband or close guy-friend.

Keep Calm And Carry On Sign

Great Advice for Shoppers

2)   Keep Calm and Carry On is a British saying that was administered during WWII as a method of keeping citizens calm during raids. Though Initially a dud, this sign has garnered a cult following nearly 60 years later.

Stickley No Solicitors

Keep Your Home Pest-Free

3)   No Solicitors. There isn’t much to say about this one—nearly every homeowner could use one of these.

Personalized Garden Plaque

Come and Grow as You Please

4)   Garden Leaf Plaque. Not all gifts are given. If you’re like me and love tending your tulips then pamper yourself (and your garden) with a custom leaf plaque.

Ecommerc gift certificate

For Those Who Can Never Decide on An Item

5)    Gift Card. The Ultimate gift. Rather than presenting someone else with a gift and crossing your fingers hoping they like it; why not give them a gift card and let them decide for themselves.

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