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Personalized Baby Girl Gift Plaque

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When my best friend Sarah had her first baby I knew I had to give her a very memorable gift. At all the baby showers I had ever gone to before Sarah’s, the mother-to-be always received boring baby gifts like: diapers, blankets, clothes, and toys. I didn’t want my gift for her baby to be like that—I like to be original. I can happily say I found the perfect original baby gift in the “Personalized Baby Name Gift Plaque” from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

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What Sarah really loves about this plaque (and she reminds me of this often) is the fact that she still has it. It’s been about a year and a half since Hannah’s birth (she’s growing so fast!) and the gift that I gave her over a year ago is proudly displayed on the wall of Hannah’s nursery. The same can’t be said of all the diapers, socks, bottles, and clothing gifts that Hannah has already outgrown.


This plaque is perfect for mothers experiencing the love and joy of parenting for the first time. Sarah even told me that she hung the sign on the nursery door before moving it inside (surprisingly effective at keeping the hubbie’s “buds” tame around Hannah’s space).


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I know how life changing, life affirming, and life-long the introduction of a baby is to a family. Celebrate yours, your friends, or your loved ones’ newborn baby with a gift that lasts a lifetime: the “Personalized Baby Name Plaque” from Atlas Signs and Plaques. Just try your best not to grin uncontrollably during the baby shower when everyone else gives the mother disposable gifts.

You can find the Personalized Baby Name Gift Plaque, along with all kinds of other plaques here.

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