Celebrate Christmas With a Custom Church Dedication Plaque

Bronze Church Dedication PlaqueLong, long ago when Christianity first began no one could have imagined that it would grow into the world’s largest religion. Of the United States’ 4 biggest holidays (Easter, The 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), 2 of them are explicitly Christian. The United States’ most economically important holiday, Christmas, is at its core a celebration of Jesus’ birth. Many churches hold candlelight Christmas Eve services in celebration of this great holiday. These celebrations often are held in churches, which are believed to be the home of the Holy Spirit. It is for this reason that churches are traditionally grand and overtly beautiful—to glorify god. A custom church dedication plaque by Atlas Signs and Plaques adds to a churches beauty in economical and aesthetic fashion.


St. Peter's Glorious Monument

In the early years (around 50 A.D.) Christians were fanatically persecuted by the Roman Empire. Because of this heavy persecution, believers were unable to build official places of worship, instead holding services in homes and often times in Roman catacombs surrounded by the dead. Christians suffered for centuries until 313 A.D. when Constantine the Great made Christianity legal. 6 years later, in 319, Constantine commissioned the erection of a grand church to glorify God. This church eventually became St. Peters’ Basilica and is the largest church on earth, complete with its own dedication monument.

Keep in mind, St. Peter’s basilica dedication monument is made out of pure marble, is giant, and is probably worth more than I make in a year. Most churches cannot afford lavish marble, but they can afford a dedication plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Temple Dedication Plaque

You Choose The Words, We Do The Rest

This customizable plaque offers ample room for whatever text you like (as long as the lines aren’t extraordinarily long) and comes at a much lower price than that of pure marble or foundry.

We understand that Churches hold their standards of beauty to a very high pedigree. So do we. Our plaques are regularly complimented for their beauty and for this reason are welcome additions to any church atmosphere. They reflect the beauty of God’s creation and are a wonderful choice for any church seeking a dedication plaque this Christmas.

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