A Special One of a Kind Owl Bracket

Introducing the One of a Kind Owl Bracket

Every sign that Atlas Signs and Plaques has ever made is one of a kind. The extensive variables in our creation process (humidity, temperature, coloring, patina, etc) all work together to ensure no two signs are created quite the same.

We love making signs here, but sometimes we just need a creative challenge—something to inspire our imagination and propel us towards the future.

So when our head designer wanted to make a bracket for hanging signs, she also wanted it to be completely unique. What she came up with was an owl, perched on a branch over the sign.

Outstanding Detail

To bring this fantasy-owl to life she whipped up a batch of a clay-like substrate, hardened it, and then applied a patina to the mold. As you can see, the results speak for themselves.

It has a great combination of fine details and overall structure. The feathers have a really awesome overlapping pattern, just like a real owl, and the slight exaggeration makes them stand out wonderfully. With two eyelets installed at the bottom of the “perch” this is the ideal bracket to hang a sign from.

The success of the owl bracket encouraged the start of a new category on the CustomASaP website featuring one-of-a-kind sign brackets for sale, including the one you see here. You can find it under “Signs, Brackets, and Posts,” or Click Here.

Not Too Cool for a Profile Shot

We will also be taking custom requests for personal sign brackets. You can contact us via email to begin an inquiry about how to create your own personal custom bracket. Because these brackets are difficult and time-consuming to make, it will take 6-8 weeks before any custom order for a bracket will be shipped. We know that seems like a long while; but we assure you that the wait is well worth the reward.

Owl be Watching

You can find our new bracket page here, complete with further details on how to order your own one of a kind bracket.

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