Museum Signage from Atlas Signs and Plaques

Copper finish sign for museum, library or public space

Copper Finish Museum Sign

We admit it. Sometimes we forget to think of, and show  the variety of places that utilize signage from Atlas. In this case we forgot museums.

Museum Sign

Signs for every museum use

This is even more of an oversight because several of us here can’t walk be even the smallest museum without going in for a look. It seems like every little town has at least one. The American Alliance of Museums’ website really doesn’t give a number, but a popular web site says that there are 17,500 museums in the USA. Whew! and that doesn’t even count the growing number of virtual museums out there in cyberspace.

Any of the current online catalog of signs from Atlas Signs and Plaques can be adapted to museum signage. Inside or out, Atlas Signs and Plaques give the look of foundry-cast without design limitations, pollution, or expense of that dirty stinky foundry process.



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