Atlas Signs and Plaques Introduces A New Product, The Salmon Address Plaque

New Salmon Fish Address Plaque

Rising To The Bait

This is No Fish Story

The talented designers at America’s favorite place for plaques, Atlas Signs and Plaques have done it again! Rising to the occasion with another new and unique Address Plaque. This time, a fish, most specifically, a Salmon leaps over your address numbers showering your home or cottage with a look that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Salmon Address Plaque takes the fish off the hook and places it at your door, post, or gate.

Ranging from the Pacific to the Atlantic, the mighty Salmon has been honored in folklore, and relished for both food and sport, and now it is available as home adornment. From Alaska to Ireland and back to the Great Lakes, what a way to add some flair to the homestead. Even city slickers can make a splash with this piece of art.

The 8-step-process applies real metal to a durable HDU base giving your Atlas sign or plaque the ageless beauty of real cast metal without the weight, cost, or limitations of castings. Atlas Signs and Plaques will not rust, rot, fade, or promote insects and are suitable for exterior applications.

Handcrafted in the USA using American Materials and Labor.

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