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New Sign and Plaque Creations. The Latest And Greatest Sign And Plaque Ideas

Low Flat Rate Shipping Pricing from Atlas Signs and Plaques

Delivery Truck

Honestly, We think that shipping prices most always seem to be a rip so we are always searching for ways to get them lower

The truth is that FedEx, UPS, and even the USPS charge what we think is a lot to get your new plaque from Lake Mills, Wisconsin to your home or business. Many shipping options are also based on distance and that complicates the issue even more.

The latest and greatest way Atlas is using to save customers money is by using Flat Rate Shipping on as many signs as possible. Shipping rates are now based on the dollar value of the order and are valid for shipping to the contiguous 48 states. The only catch is that we choose the shipper. Your package from Atlas could be shipped USPS, FedEx Ground, or UPS Ground. All are good at what they do.

Here are the current flat rate shipping prices.

  • $0 – $100.00    –    $11.00
  • $100.01 – $250.00    –    $17.00
  • $250.01 – $490.00    –    $22.00
  • $490.01 and up    –    $33.00

If you go to the Atlas Shipping Page, you can learn more about some important shipping issues.

Flat rate shipping is proving to be less expensive for you, the customer, and the rest doesn’t matter. It is all about you.


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New Design for Ground Mounting Stakes

Ground mounting stake for signs and plaquesNew stake design makes close-up viewing of signage easy

Atlas Signs and Plaques ground mounting systemSome clients using plaques as identification signs have desired ground mounting stakes that placed signs meant to be seen from fairly close at an angle for viewing and to keep the stake shorter.

The  new single stake does just that. Now when educational or wayfinding signs are placed near a path or in a garden setting, they are pointed at the viewers eyes.

This stake mounting system was designed by Atlas Signs and Plaques and is made of quality materials to look good for a very long time. Everything you need, except a screwdriver, is packed for easy and quick installation.

Of course you can still choose the straight, non-angled, version. When you are placing your order, just choose the desired stake length, and whether you would like straight or angled. Easy!

Speaking of installing signs and plaques, go to the Atlas Signs and Plaques Installation Page for more information and other sign mounting options.

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How to Get a Free Tote Bag with Your Order From Atlas Signs and Plaques

Receive a Free Tote Bag with your order from Atlas Signs and PlaquesYes, a free tote that has thousands of uses. And yes there is a string attached. A promise that you make.

All you have to do is promise to take a picture of your beautiful, custom plaque once it is mounted and on display, and email it to us.

We take photos of many of the signs and plaques before they are shipped to clients all around the world. The photos are taken in our own photo studio and used on the Atlas Web Site. What we like even better than studio shots are real-life photos with our signs and plaques out in the field doing their job. So, if you help us out by taking a picture, you will be rewarded. Think about it, it kind of makes you a professional photographer! First signs, then your own portrait studio where you make really big bucks.

It really is easy to get the free tote, but not obvious.

When you are completing your order. Your desire to get the free tote is buried on about the 3rd page of the checkout, under Additional Information, Number 4. The Additional Information Section is where you are forced to certify that you have read the Service Agreement, understand the Return and Cancellation Policy, sign up for a stint aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and choose if you would like a Gift Card included.

Just select “Yes, and I promise to send a picture of my sign hanging in place”, and a wonderful free tote will be packed with your order.

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A No Soliciting Sign just for Canadian Girl Guides, Guides du Canada

Funny Girl Guide No Soliciting SignNow there is a way to get your Girl Guide Cookies and yet, keep others away


Guide du Canada No Soliciting SignThe semi-annual door to door cookie sales by Girl Guides of Canada, Guides du Canada. is a long standing Canadian tradition. However, there is a dilemma that arises when you would like your privacy from the pests that knock at your door to sell you something that you don’t want, but, you want to buy Girl Guide Cookies.

The Girl Guide No Soliciting Sign is a cute and funny sign that gets you Girl Guide Cookies without the door-to-door pests. This plaque is specifically designed to make it perfectly clear that Girl Guides Selling Cookies are the only allowable solicitors at your home. The Girl Guide No Soliciting Plaque keeps non-cookie-sellers away with a bit of humor and a scary skull and crossbones. Guaranteed to work!

Plaques are available in your choice of Recessed Lettering, like the picture above, or with Raised Lettering like the one to the left. These plaques from Atlas are coated in real metal in your choice of alloys and finishes. And, they will stand up to the harsh Canadian Arctic.

Atlas Signs and Plaques is a Very Canada Friendly Company.

Please buy some Chocolaty Mint Cookies and Support Girl Greatness!

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