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A No Soliciting Sign just for Canadian Girl Guides, Guides du Canada

Funny Girl Guide No Soliciting SignNow there is a way to get your Girl Guide Cookies and yet, keep others away


Guide du Canada No Soliciting SignThe semi-annual door to door cookie sales by Girl Guides of Canada, Guides du Canada. is a long standing Canadian tradition. However, there is a dilemma that arises when you would like your privacy from the pests that knock at your door to sell you something that you don’t want, but, you want to buy Girl Guide Cookies.

The Girl Guide No Soliciting Sign is a cute and funny sign that gets you Girl Guide Cookies without the door-to-door pests. This plaque is specifically designed to make it perfectly clear that Girl Guides Selling Cookies are the only allowable solicitors at your home. The Girl Guide No Soliciting Plaque keeps non-cookie-sellers away with a bit of humor and a scary skull and crossbones. Guaranteed to work!

Plaques are available in your choice of Recessed Lettering, like the picture above, or with Raised Lettering like the one to the left. These plaques from Atlas are coated in real metal in your choice of alloys and finishes. And, they will stand up to the harsh Canadian Arctic.

Atlas Signs and Plaques is a Very Canada Friendly Company.

Please buy some Chocolaty Mint Cookies and Support Girl Greatness!

No Trespassing Signs for National Talk Like A Pirate Day 2013

Jolly Roger No Soliciting SignArrrrgh, I’d be shocked to the very boney if the Ol’ Jolly Roger don’t keep dem Lily-livered dog trespassers at bay.

No Proelytizing Skull and Crossbones SignAhoy Mates! Should ye wait til “Talk like a Pirate Day” on September 19, 2013 to show this Pirate No Soliciting Sign to the bilge rats that pound on your hatch and try en separate you from from your booty?

Hang it now or risk a flogging by the Cap’n of your schooner. Show your sense of humor and insure your privacy with these Pirate No Trespassing Signs and Pirate No Soliciting Signs. The skull and crossbones on the bottom serves as a warning to other corsairs that they risk a keel hauling if they don’t heed your message. We could say “Avast ye scurvy dogs”, but that only works on real pirates. Best to stick to the message on these with simple words that even the lowest buccaneer can understand.

Rectangular Skull and Crossbones Pirate PlaqueAtlas has the best selection of funny no trespassing signs and no solicitors signs. Make sure you put your humorous Privacy Sign somewhere prominent so people can have a laugh and know that you just want some space.

Fair Winds Mates!