Custom Signs: The Limits of “Custom”

Peace Sign

The Stock Version of "Keep the Peace"

“Custom” is the first word in the URL for this blog. It is also the first word for this blog’s sister site: See the trend? Custom. Here at Atlas Sign and Plaques we customize signage for people every day. Most of the custom orders are easily handled; but some requests tend to lean on the ridiculous side of sanity. Here’s a brief snapshot of what’s good customization and what’s impossible. We’ll start with dessert first.

About a month ago we received an order from a customer who loved the design of our “Keep the Peace” plaque. He did not, however, love the words on it because the word “peace” on a peace sign is indeed, tacky. Instead, he requested “Go Easy, Man” in place of “Keep the Peace.”

Done. A crisp, logical replacement of very appropriate and similarly sized words. Well done. Thank you kind sir, we loved making your sign and hope that you enjoy it for a long time.

Go Easy, Man

The Custom Version


Stickley Plaque

As You Can See, There's Only Room for 2 Digits

Here’s what we cannot customize. Today I received a call from a customer who wanted to put four digits on our custom Stickley 2 digit address and street name plaque. I told that customer: “It can’t be done”. There is no way that we can cram that many numbers into that small of a space and have the print be legible. It simply cannot be done.


Instead of finding ways to cram an infeasible amount of text into a tiny area, I led the customer to our overwhelmingly popular American Craftsman Address Plaque. It offers the same features of the Stickley 2 digit address plaque (street name and number), is styled similarly, and costs about the same (even less). The customer then happily provided the address, street name, and we were on our merry way.


Here’s my point. We have an enormous selection of sign templates to choose from. If a certain sign does not look like it will fit your request then keep shopping. We have hundreds of options to choose from. If you don’t find anything then give us a call and we will happily work with you.


Craftsman Address plaque

A Very Fine Alternative to the Stickley

Remember, if a sign only has 2 numbers on it, then that’s how many numbers we are able to put on it—the same goes for text. We can customize our signs to say anything you want, or have any numbers you want—just please, for everyone’s well being, keep it reasonable.


All of our signs are made in the U.S.A. with American made parts and American labor.

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