How to Make a Sign Pt. 3

At this point in the sign’s production they all have received their metal coating and are cured to satisfaction, making them ready for the Luminore© finish. This finish is what gives the sign its metal appearance. Our most popular colors are bronze, brass, and silver-nickel; other favorites are iron, pewter, and Verde (like our whale-friends).

Whale Plaques

Wilfred and Willow, Love at First Sight

Just Takin' a Patina Bath

Now that the signs have their real-metal finish they need to be fine-tuned to secure maximum quality and luster. Because the “Aged” effect is highly desirable we give each sign a bath in patina-water, which ages the sign as well as furthers the coloring of the numbers and words.

After the patina is complete we hand polish each sign until the desired gleam is achieved. It is for this reason that no two Atlas Signs are created the same. Each and every one, whether it’s a mass-produced no solicitors sign or a rare whale sign, is unique.

Once hand polishing is finished we add the final ingredient to the sign—a clear coat. The clear coat further protects the sign from the elements (though it doesn’t really need it) as well as contributes to the sign’s already lustrous appearance.

Now the signs are all finished and ready to pack up and ship! Soon our signs will be out the door!


"Wilfred!" said Willow, "What have you done with your hair!"

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