Decorate Your Home or Business With a Beach Sign

Palm Tree Oval Plaque

An Exceptionally Lavish Beach House

Castles in the sand, sea foam, the gentle ebb and flow of the tide; all these things are constant reminders of the ocean’s natural aesthetic beauty and the serenity inherent to waterfront living. I am reminded of “To the Lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf (a book whose protagonists enjoy an abode by the ocean). Unfortunately, the novel elects to focus on characterizations rather than descriptions, leaving out decorative details. This got me to thinking: how are most beach houses decorated?  

Umbrella Please Remove Shoes Sign

Beware the Flamingo

A quick search on Google confirmed my suspicions; most beach houses are decorated with nautical standards like: seashells, lighthouses, oceanic art, pastel colors, starfish, and miniature rowboats. These come as no surprise, but what did surprise me was that beach houses are commonly left with bland exteriors. They often feature yawn-inducing ornaments like hanging flowers, potted ferns, and the occasional flamingo. Does this sound familiar? If so, spice up your beach house’s exterior with an address plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Water Plaque

The Cure

Dr. Atlas’s remedy of choice for the boring beach house is the Nautical Address Plaque, which features two opposing clams flanking the address numbers. Listen closely beach house owners: if you feel your beach house is missing that special distinguishing fixture than look no further—the Nautical Address Plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques has you covered.


Impressions Come Standard

Since were on the topic of nautical accessories I’ll take this opportunity to highlight another winner—the Crab Oval Plaque. If the nautical address plaque is the perfect fixture for beach houses (which I believe it is), then the crab oval plaque is the ideal plaque for waterfront restaurants. Why? Because of branding.

Branding is a vitally important aspect of business; it determines your business’s reach as well as its ability to grow. Take chains like BestBuy© and Target© for example—they are branded with iconic logos that most people instantly recognize. The crab oval plaque works similarly; here’s why.

The first point of contact that guests have with your restaurant is the door. Every single guest that enters your establishment will see this sign and most of them will, if only on a subconscious level, recognize it and register it in their memory banks. This creates high potential for return visitors. Make a lasting impression with the memorable Crab Oval Plaque.

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