Unique Gift for Dog Lovers, and Cat Lovers Too!

Beware of Dog Plaque

What the? I don't even...

 Throughout history man has…

  •  Thoroughly embarrassed themselves (pictured)

Quite clearly, a princess outfit is NOT the ideal gift for the dog or cat lover on your list. You want to give them something unexpected AND appealing. But what is that purrfect (sorry, couldn’t resist) unique Christmas gift for cat or dog lovers? A personalized Canine plaque, and a Garden Cat Address plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Dog Lover Plaque

A Great Choice for Dog Lovers

Consider this; many people regard their pets as an extension of their nuclear family (like “Marley” from “Marley and Me” by John Grogan). With that in mind, it follows that most owners have already “personalized” their dog’s needs with water bowls, dog beds, and custom leashes. You want to give them something that they don’t have. You want to give them something that reflects their love for their pet. A personalized custom canine address plaque fits the bill ideally. Here’s why.

It's Important to Look Decent in Galaxies Far, Far Away

Dog lovers are fanatic. You know the type, fanatics. Have you ever engaged a sports nerd in football conversation, listed the merits of the Star Wars prequels to a space geek, or talked scales with a musician? If you have, then you know these topics usually result in long, one-sided conversations. The fanatic is always proud to display their passion (we’ve all seen NFL logos, light-sabers, and treble clef neckties before). Dog lovers are no different. A canine address plaque reflects the passion and love that dog lovers have for their pets and is assured to be the recipient’s favorite gift this holiday season.

 We have cat lovers covered, too. Our Garden Cat Address plaque features a cat beneath a star-lit sky. The cat is molded in cartoony fashion and reflects the zany, near crazy devotion that cat owners typically possess. It also makes light of the fact that cats seemingly have an affinity for gardens (especially the neighbor’s garden).


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