Featured Sign: Whale Address Plaque

Whale Plaque

If sea-world ever chose to hang a custom address plaque on their property this would be the one. This week’s features sign of the week is sure to be a favorite of whale researchers and lovers everywhere—it’s our Whale Address Plaque. Pop quiz: what is the largest creature to ever roam the earth? If you paid attention in first grade then this should be an easy answer for you—it’s the whale. Although this sign is nowhere near the largest that we produce, it does offer some of the most appeal. It’s been spotted multiple times on this blog, appeared on other blogs, and even generated a request for a 5-foot version (now that’s a lunker). The whale address sign is sure to give your house the pizzazz that you want and is a great conversational piece.


Whale Ornamental Decorations

3 Whale Ornaments

Plus, if you order yours now, for a limited time only, you will receive your choice of ornaments including the brand new whale ornament. Unfortunately, we only made about 25 of these ornaments in a 1-time press—so order yours soon before time runs out!


Now for some fun information about whales

It is believed that whales evolved from wolf-like mammals 55 million years ago.

It is possible that ancient whales gave birth on land. Pregnant females have been found in the mountains of Pakistan (which would have been ocean-shore 45 million years ago).

The whale’s closest present-day relative is (unsurprisingly) the hippo.

The Whale's Close Relative--Hippopotamus

Blue Whales were hunted from a population of almost 400,000 to 2,000 during the mid 1900’s. That’s 99.5% of their population.

The Blue Whale is the biggest creature to ever exist.

The Killer (Orca) Whale is actually a dolphin. Dolphins are in the Cetacean family, which they share with whales.

The largest animal on earth, the blue whale, feeds on a creature 1/100,000,000th its size—krill, which it eats up to 8,000 lbs. of a day.

Whales vocalize at up to 188 decibels and can be heard from 1,000 miles away. We assure you our Whale Address sign is a mute.

Baby whales grow at a rate of 8 lbs. an hour.

Young whale

Sure It Looks Cute Now...


Remember, all purchases of $125 or more will receive a complimentary ornament of your choosing, including the mini-whale.

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