Happy the Australian Shepherd

Meet Happy

Atlas Signs and Plaques is happy to announce the newest member to our team: happy, the dog. Happy is a 10 week old Australian Shepherd and is (to this point) very well mannered, friendly, and well behaved. For example, when I walked into the office today he promptly ran up to meet me and my shoelaces (he took greater interest in the latter, oh well).


Happy Prepares to Eat

Over the course of the next few months we will be charting Happy’s growth and documenting some of the growing pains that will assuredly present themselves along the way. Like most people know, In order to train a dog you must first understand it. Here’s some “level-one” information to get us started.


Despite its name, the Australian shepherd is actually American. Most experts agree that Australian shepherds owe their name to heightened usage as sheep dogs in Australia compared with other nations.


Happily Feasting

Australian Shepherds, or “Aussies” typically live from 12 to 15 years, reaching a weight of 50-65 lbs., and 2 feet of height. They are generally a family loving and friendly pet.

Rarely, If Ever, Will an Aussie Owner Need One of These


Highly alert in nature, these working dogs thrive on activity and physical exertion. If they do not receive enough stimulation they tend to become troublemakers. However, since they are readily trainable they quickly learn what behaviors are and are not acceptable.

Hey! Where'd the Goods Go?

We will all learn soon enough (especially Janey) how true these characteristics are as we chart Happy’s incremental growth.

Mommy and Puppy

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