The Internet Gives Too Much Freedom

Bird Sign Plaque

Our Birds on a Wire Sign is a True "Best Buy"

The Internet gives people too much freedom. Whether it’s browsing YouTube videos, shopping, or Facebooking; the Internet has conditioned users into expecting instant and perfect results. But what happens when an Internet user doesn’t get what they expect when they expect it? Predictably…they get angry.

Recently the electronic mega giant BestBuy has found itself in some hot water for not fulfilling online black Friday orders for heavily discounted cameras. The reasons for the camera shortage are unknown. Perhaps BestBuy miscounted total inventory, perhaps there was a glitch in the online shopping system, or maybe it was all just a greedy grab for money. Who’s to say? What’s known is that Internet consumers didn’t get what they wanted, and are very angry.

Atlas Signs and Plaques fights similar battles with the internet on a regular basis. Those of you who follow Atlas Signs and Plaques know that our cutoff date for Christmas shipping was December 15th—an announcement plastered all over our website and Etsy page.


The Man Cave Plaque

Everyone Wants a Man Cave Plaque

Despite these warnings, we received a custom request on Monday (the 20th) for a 75$ Man Cave plaque to be made, prepped, and shipped in time for Christmas. We politely told the customer that we would happily fulfill the order but it would be impossible for the sign to arrive in time for Christmas. The customer, undeterred, asked us if we were sure there was no way to fast-track the sign. And then we got frustrated.


Our process is one that takes time. Signs don’t magically appear when we snap our fingers (although, imagine the profit-margin if…). Heck, simply turning on our clear coat machine costs hundreds of dollars.


We simply want to remind customers that we produce hand made signs,  a product that can’t be snapped into existence. Beauty takes time to procure and if we produced our signs any faster they would suffer a severe drop in quality. We are not willing to make that sacrifice.

Detail Atlas Signs

Our Attention to Detail is No Accident

Remember, your custom sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques will ship within two weeks of the order date. You don’t have to call, email, or worry. And when your sparkling sign arrives on your doorstep your memory of waiting and waiting will melt away. You will fully understand what we mean when we say beauty takes time.


Where can you get your own Atlas Sign or Plaque? Come on over to our commerce page by clicking here and browse through our vast selection.






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