How Atlas Signs and Plaques Creates Your Personalized Plaque

How is This Made?

Here is how it is done

The process begins with the customer who selects from hundreds of Address Plaques, Privacy Plaques, Memorial Plaques, Welcome Signs, Name Plates, and Gift Ideas, etc.  To make it even easier, many customers individualize their plaque online prior to placing their order. It’s as easy as writing the desired text in a box.

Clients are able to choose from base metals including copper, bronze, pewter, brass, silver-nickel and iron. But wait, there’s more. Some of the base metals are available with additional finish choices that are a perfect fit when a more rustic effect is called for. Since artisans are engaged in every step, each sign and plaque has the added touch of being totally unique with slight variations in color and finish. Truly an artistic addition to your personal environment!

"Chuck" at Work

Once the design is complete it is transferred to the CNC router, nicknamed “Chuck”.  Chuck is the machine responsible for transforming HDU (a highly durable signboard that will never rot, or be eaten by insects) from plain board into the basis for the plaque itself. After Chuck has completed his chore, the signs are removed from the cutting table, hand-prepared for metal coating, and fitted with mounting hardware.


Janey Spraying Metal Coating

The signs are then hand-sprayed with a coating of real metal that forms a chemical bond with the signboard. Unlike paint, the chemical connection between the metal coating and the HDU substrate ensures that no matter how harsh the climate, the metal will not delaminate or corrode.

Patina Bath

Next it is bath time. The Plaques’ aging is carefully accelerated using a  natural aging process. Hand polishing brings color, contrast, luster and depth to the sign A clear coat finish is added as the final step which provides the sign with an extra level of protection against the elements as well as adding to overall luster.

All Packed Up and Ready to Go

Once the signs pass final inspection, they are carefully packed and whisked away by the UPS man. All in all this process, from idea to hand crafting to completion, takes about 2 weeks.

That’s it! From custom idea to custom sign. You choose how your sign looks and Atlas Signs and Plaques does the rest.

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