What Reminds You of Winter?

Do Snow Capped Mountains Remind You of Winter?

By now most of your Christmas shopping is probably finished—a relieving thought to be sure. My own Christmas shopping concluded last weekend with a series of gifts for my dad. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I can’t wait for Christmas. On the other hand, what happens after Christmas (besides New Years) is a little…tougher to get excited about: Winter.

 To some, winter means playtime. But for those of us who have never put on a pair of skis or don’t view ice fishing as entertainment—winter means cold weather with the chance of snow. Despite this, winter lends itself to some very high quality aesthetic images, some of which I will share with you today (with matching sign, of course!)

This first image is of a crow. This photo succeeds in part because of its high contrast. We have a frosty birch in the foreground and very brown, very dead leaves barely hanging on in the background. In the middle, like some sort of black hole, is a lone crow; dark, like winter usually is.

Atlas Signs and Plaques equivalent? That would be the Evergreen Welcome Plaque name sign—a great sign for cabins, and other woodsy abodes.

Come On In and Warm Up by the Fire

Going along with the tree theme I found this amazing geode agate on etsy.com. The lamp is comprised of a halved stone with a naked tree in the foreground, and an illuminated background. “Wow” should suffice; with special props to the curator: CrowsFeathers Art.

Atlas Signs and Plaques equivalent? Pine trees up north address plaque.

Pine Trees Up North

And finally we have a snow capped bluff, complete with foreboding, yet astoundingly perfect icicles hanging from the sides. This image communicates a feeling of loneliness, of time frozen in place, and spring’s welcome arrival.

Atlas Signs and Plaques equivalent? Mini Snow Capped Mountain Please Remove Shoes Sign.

Please Remove Shoes

Special Thanks to: CrowsFeathers, SoulPhotos, and Highplacesphotos for lending their work. You can find more of their work by clicking on their names. (Links lead to etsy.com.)

For more wintry themed pictures and trinkets check out this treasury from etsy.com.

 That should about do it for today. For those who will not visit this blog until after Christmas—may you have a great, great holiday. For this blog’s regulars, look for a very unique post on Wednesday featuring a special look at how our signs come to life from order to out the door.

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Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

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