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It’s Time for An Atlas Signs and Plaques Christmas, Order Now

Make it Yourself Dog or Cat Gardener PlaqueAnd to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, these are among our top Christmas gift ideas. Yes, ACLU, we still say Christmas Gifts.

Every sign and plaque from Atlas is custom so it is really time to order. We will create your gift and ship within 3 weeks. Allow time for shipping and get your order in now.

Man Cave Gift PlaqueBoy-Cave-PlaqueThis is the first Christmas that Atlas has offered custom signs and plaques that you can Make Yourself. So if you have DIY in your blood or are a Crafter, this is the way to put your personal touch on gifts for everyone. So easy to accomplish using commonly available paints. You won’t be able to stop once you start.

Carved Heart with Initials gift plaqueFor the Big Guy; The Man Cave Sign.  What a great way to define his (or her) personal space.

For the Little Guy; The Boy Cave Plaque. With the message that girls are not allowed (except for Mom, of course) It is perfect for the younger set that likes cookies delivered on occasion.

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DIY Ornaments Ready to Ship from Etsy


Do-it-Yourself Ornaments from Atlas Signs and Plaques are available on Etsy

DIY Christmas OrnamentsEtsy is a wonderful marketplace for buyers and sellers of artistic goods and materials, like our signs and plaques, and now DIY ornaments. If you love handmade and handcrafted as much as we do, you have to check it out.

Atlas is now making holiday ornaments available to DIY enthusiasts and crafters. They are made of the same HDU sign foam that is the base material of every sign and plaque that Atlas creates.

We make some of these most every year before the holiday season. Do-it-Yourself Ornaments are limited in quantity and are only available to our Etsy friends. Ornaments are usually 3-6 inches, detailed, and in some interesting shapes.

Do-it-Yourself ornaments are easy to complete. Use latex paints (like we all did in the finished examples), or oil paints, dyes, glitter, foils, or pretty much anywhere your mind goes. HDU is a terrific base material for decorative items.

DIY Hoot Owl OrnamentTo hang, all you have to do is drill a hole and use string or wire.

Since HDU is so easy to work with, you could use the ornaments to make an ornament tree, or a totem, or a mobile. Endless ideas for the creative mind.

All Made in the USA of domestic materials.

What Reminds You of Winter?

Do Snow Capped Mountains Remind You of Winter?

By now most of your Christmas shopping is probably finished—a relieving thought to be sure. My own Christmas shopping concluded last weekend with a series of gifts for my dad. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I can’t wait for Christmas. On the other hand, what happens after Christmas (besides New Years) is a little…tougher to get excited about: Winter.

 To some, winter means playtime. But for those of us who have never put on a pair of skis or don’t view ice fishing as entertainment—winter means cold weather with the chance of snow. Despite this, winter lends itself to some very high quality aesthetic images, some of which I will share with you today (with matching sign, of course!) Continue reading