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It’s Time for An Atlas Signs and Plaques Christmas, Order Now

Make it Yourself Dog or Cat Gardener PlaqueAnd to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, these are among our top Christmas gift ideas. Yes, ACLU, we still say Christmas Gifts.

Every sign and plaque from Atlas is custom so it is really time to order. We will create your gift and ship within 3 weeks. Allow time for shipping and get your order in now.

Man Cave Gift PlaqueBoy-Cave-PlaqueThis is the first Christmas that Atlas has offered custom signs and plaques that you can Make Yourself. So if you have DIY in your blood or are a Crafter, this is the way to put your personal touch on gifts for everyone. So easy to accomplish using commonly available paints. You won’t be able to stop once you start.

Carved Heart with Initials gift plaqueFor the Big Guy; The Man Cave Sign.  What a great way to define his (or her) personal space.

For the Little Guy; The Boy Cave Plaque. With the message that girls are not allowed (except for Mom, of course) It is perfect for the younger set that likes cookies delivered on occasion.

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Give A One of a Kind Christmas Gift

A True One of a Kind Sign

When I was a boy there was nothing more coveted throughout my “gang” than a one-of-a-kind rookie Peyton Manning football card. Manning, despite being untested and unproven, was regarded as a “lock” to grow into one of football’s best passers. This hype, fueled by the media, made his card value soar. The most longed for of these cards is the SP Authentic Peyton Manning Rookie Autograph card. This “one of a kind” card (numbered 1-2000) commands a whopping $1,600 on eBay. However, that phrase is a little misleading because the card isn’t really one of a kind. In reality each of these cards is one of 2,000. If that counts as one of a kind, then Atlas Signs and Plaques should start calling our address plaques one of a kind (considering the address numbers a serial number).

Unique, But Not One of a Kind


Wouldn’t it be nice to find a gift that is genuinely one of a kind? Atlas Signs and Plaques’ One of a Kind gift section on Etsy.com is the perfect place to look.


To spur new ideas for signs we often make batches of potential designs, giving them the same attention to detail and hand-made quality any other sign enjoys. Many of those signs are now fixated in our shop as decorations, but some  are simply too good for that. Some are considered a “lock” to grow into well-loved signs by customers. We want to share these excellent signs with you. Here is a glimpse at some of the best one of a kind signs Atlas Signs and Plaques offers.


Keep calm and Love.

Sound Advice

This is a spin on the famous WWII era propaganda poster issued by Great Britain. Because urban areas were commonly the targets of air raids the phrase “keep calm and carry on” was born as a way to control widespread panic amongst citizens. There are many reasons to keep calm and love, something retailers and shoppers alike would do well to remember this weekend amid the chaos that is black Friday shopping.




Namaste is the Indian word for greetings. It is also a physical gesture, like a non-contact version of the handshake. The gesture reflects the belief that there is a divine spark in each of us and is considered the souls recognition of another. Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.



Though not necessarily one of a kind, it is one of a litter, and is a great gift for your feline-loving friends!


You can find the full selection of one of a kind signs here.