Hate Waiting? So Do We


When I was a kid my parents took me to church every Sunday; and every Sunday I fidgeted impatiently in the pews, waiting for the service to end so I could go home and watch football. But since church is also a social gathering the end of service wasn’t the end of my waiting. My parents socialized…and then socialized more. In the meantime I longed for football, and would emphatically tug my father’s coat sleeve saying, “Can we go now? PLEASE?” I knew what I wanted and I wanted it immediately.

13 years later, nothing has changed.

We live in an impatient society that flocks toward instant gratification. Services like iTunes, Netflix, and e-books all eliminate waiting from their service model. They give people what they want when they want it, creating harmony amongst consumers.

But when people have to wait that harmony becomes discordant faster than the murkiest Black Sabbath riff. Look at holiday shopping for example.

For ten months out of the year shoppers can go to a store, shop, and buy without waiting in lines. But once November rolls around retail spaces become congested and people start losing their minds. Why? Because they’re forced to wait for something they’ve grown accustomed to getting immediately. This creates stress and frustration.

Atlas Signs and Plaques knows that waiting two and a half weeks for your sign to arrive is frustrating. We work hard to ship your purchase as quickly as possible and it shows: our signs arrive up to 60% sooner than any other sign-maker and we offer up to the minute tracking options.

 But that’s not enough.

To help ease your wait, we will include a free ornament in every shipment on purchases of $125 or more from now until the end of the year. You can find the gallery of ornaments and details here.

No one likes waiting…especially for something they already bought. But if you have to wait, isn’t it nice getting something free out of it? Visit our website, www.customasap.com, buy a sign, and feel the warm, free glow of being rewarded for your patience.


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