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This Sign Costs $300 Less Than Cast Metal

Culture tells us that superficiality is a negative trait. (Insert reckless Kardashian quip here). In the world of signage however, superficiality is law. This is because signs are superficial in nature—every sign on earth is judged only on looks. Many people consider the look of cast metal foundry signs to be highly desirable. The price for such a sign, on the other hand, they find undesirable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a real metal sign at a much cheaper price? With Atlas Signs and Plaques, you can.

Atlas Signs and Plaques offers metal coated signs for up to 60% less than foundry cast. We accomplish this low price by using HDU, instead of foundry, as our primary substrate. HDU (high density urethane) is a sturdy compound that survives temperatures in excess of 300* without rusting, warping, fading, rotting and peeling. We coat our HDU with real metal patina that gives the sign the look of foundry, without exceptional cost.


Frank Lloys Wright Address Sign

Looks Exactly Like Foundry

That word keeps coming up: look. Why pay for a sign (remember, ONLY looks matter) that is completely metal, when you can buy one that looks like foundry for much less?

Here is a comparison of a standard 16 x 10 sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques and a leading competitor.

Gemini Sign Letters charges $493 for a fully custom foundry 16 x 10 sign.

Atlas Signs and Plaques offers the same metal-coated 16 x 10 fully customizable sign for $195. That’s a  $298 difference. For a sign that looks exactly the same, why spend the extra $300?

Besides Lighning-Fast Shipping, We Pack our Boxes With Care

The benefits of choosing Atlas Signs and Plaques doesn’t end with cost, mind you. Along with lower production costs comes higher production speed, and our shipping times are among the best in industry. Atlas Signs and Plaques guarantees that EVERY sign ships within 2 weeks of the order.

Finally, Atlas Signs and Plaques grades highly on custom orders. Where competitors charge a fee ($75+) for custom designs, our design team works for free on every custom order, (provided the order is $100 or greater). We offer a speedy response time to your custom orders, which means that your design will be made into a proof quickly. Once the proof is designed we send it to your email inbox for judgment.

You can design your own custom sign by following this link, or by sending us an email stating your exact signage need.

To recap, lets look at the 5 key benefits of choosing Atlas Signs and Plaques.

Custom: Full customization. No grey area. No deception.

Aesthetics: Atlas Signs and Plaques’ metal-coated signs look identical to pricy foundry signs.

Shipping: Our Signs ship up to 3 times faster than competitors.

affordability: Our signs look the same as competitors and cost hundreds less.

Progress: We offer a full custom online database of templates and fonts. We design any idea you may have, and only fill out an order once you are completely satisfied.

Looking at all these key points begs the question …why choose anyone other than Custom ASaP?


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