Dedicated Historic Residential Plaques for Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

Do you own a Dedicated Historic Residential Property in the city or county of Honolulu, Oahu? You may want to know that you are required to have a plaque in front of your historic property to reap the tax benefits and bring attention to your Hawaiian Historic Residence.


Custom Historical Sign

Looks Like Cast Bronze, But Lightweight and Light on Your Wallet

The Historic Hawaii Foundation does offer signs, but they cost $850 plus shipping and taxes, which drives the price up to almost a thousand dollars. On the other hand, our historical plaques are much less expensive for the same size. In fact, for a 14″ by 18″ historical sign, we only charge $284 plus shipping and handling. That’s one-third the cost for an 80% larger sign.

How? Our signs are made from HDU, a high-quality sign board and a real metal coating. HDU was originally developed for the aerospace industry, but soon after its introduction, sign makers and hobbyists discovered its light weight, lack of grain, and lower cost. With our real metal coating, you can’t tell a HDU and metal coat sign from a full cast bronze plaque by look. But your pocketbook will know!

What’s even better is that with our signs you get the choice of metal finish. We have eight options, including bronze patina, copper verdi, and silver-nickel. Because all of our signs are completely custom, you also get exactly what you want. On top of your choice of finish, you can also get different mounting systems including T-30 Deck Screws through the face of the sign, U-Bolts for a fence, a stylish hanging mount, or a stake mount. Again, because our signs are entirely custom-made, you have complete control over the design. We can make your sign fit with regulations or just fit your fancy.

But this isn’t just for Hawaii. We can do historical signs for anyone, anywhere. Just contact us with the details and we’ll make you a historical sign that you can treasure for years.

What could make us even more appealing?  All of our signs are hand-made in the United States from American Materials and Labor in our facility in Lake Mills,Wisconsin.




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