The Perfect Address Plaque for a San Francisco Painted Lady

It was, after all, the colorful Victorian homes of San Francisco that inspired the phrase “Painted Ladies”. So why are the address numbers on these beautiful homes so lame?

Ben and Jerry's at Haight Ashbury, How sad

Ben and Jerry's. How sad is this?

A recent trip to SF led us to visit the Haight Ashbury District, once famous for “trips” of another kind. While Hippies (many old enough to require walkers), and a few “head shops” can easily be found, the complexion of the neighborhood has changed so much that a Ben and Jerry’s now occupies the fabled intersection.

As I marveled at the fairytale exteriors and harmonious colors, one thing that caught my [sign makers] eye was that all but one Victorian Home had the most outlandish, cheap, inappropriate, big box store, address numbers identifying the home (and that address plaque was inappropriately simple). All of that restoration work and continuing maintenance expense, and the finishing touch was missing. How sad!

San Francisco Victorian Address Plaque

The only address plaque in Haight Ashbury?

While thousands of Victorian homes have been destroyed by earthquake and the wrecking ball, many of these fairytale dwellings still grace parts of San Francisco, including the Haight Ashbury District. Constructed primarily during the last half of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th century, they have most always been a colorful addition to the San Francisco urban scape. While some call the colorful exteriors “garish” and “clown-like”, we think their colors are an important part of the beautiful diversity that defines San Francisco.

A gorgeous example of a San Francisco Victorian

A Gorgeous Example

It takes more than color to make a Victorian House and several other themes are common. We often think of dark and heavy sitting rooms with thick draperies, but the motif goes far beyond that. Victorians were fond of nature, so floral, palm, butterfly, fern, marine, and animal motifs are common. The age of Queen Victoria saw extensive British Colonization which brought exotic plants and beasts to the forefront. Think of these elements as you select the perfect finishing touch to your Painted Lady Home. Atlas Signs and Plaques will have exactly what you desire to make your home standout.




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