Keep Calm and Carry On: The Classic Design, Customized

Keep Calm and Carry On, but we have some astounding news for you.


Alternate Text for the Keep Calm and Carry On Sign

A Very British Warning

As one of the more popular parodies of this sign has it, “Now Panic and Freak Out”. But what is it about this sign that is so popular? Is it the fact that the classic design is so easy to parody? We have absolutely no idea, but we are offering an update to our original Keep Calm and Carry On Plaque.

Now you have the option of customizing the text to whatever you like. “Kelp Clam at the Carry Out” to confuse people? Sure, why not! The aforementioned “Now Panic and Freak Out” with an inverted crown? Or maybe “Sit Down and Have Dinner” with a plate of food. Or even “Steak and Kidney Pie” for your British Pub!

But what exactly is the “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign? During the beginning of World War II, the British Government began producing propaganda posters urging citizens to be safe, watch out for spies, and the general advice that governments give to their citizens during warfare. There were three major designs and this design (the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’) was being held in reserve in case England was invaded. When the war ended, the British government destroyed the signs that were not used.

Keep Calm and Carry On with Iron Rust

The Classic, but with a Twist

Now our story jumps ahead 50 years and into a bookshop in Northern England (Barter Books in Northumberland, to be precise). The owners discovered an original poster and had it framed and hung in their store. Eventually, enough people saw it and asked if it were for sale that the owners began printing copies and selling them. And thus a phenomena was born.

The original poster was made with white text on a red background with King George VI’s crown as the top image. We’ve chosen to use our metal finishes to make these signs stand out even more. But the best part is you choose the finish. Iron rust, for the initial similarity? Silver-nickel, to set a futuristic tone? Bronze, for the classical good looks? You decide and we’ll make it just how you want it.

Made in the USA from American materials and Labor.



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