New blog Writer: Jeff Herrmann

Hello good people of the Internet! My name is Jeffrey Herrmann and I have been given the reins of this blog. Let me introduce myself with a little personal information. I am 23 years old and I love five things on this earth (outside of family and friends of course!)
1.    The Red Hot Chili Peppers. New album soon!
2.    The Green Bay Packers.
3.    My guitar.
4.    StarCraft 2. Did you know gamers can earn up to $86k for one tournament?
5.    French Fries…just like everyone else.

So that’s me in a nutshell: I love my music, I love my sports, and I love food. But enough about me, lets talk about the future of this blog!

I will focus primarily on the craft of sign making, and informing readers about what’s happening in the world of Atlas Signs and Plaques. Whether we’re creating innovative styles, fresh fonts, or brilliant new finishes—if it’s happening for us, then we will write about it. But we won’t limit ourselves to talking shop all day. Instead, we will also write about cultural events, history, opinions, sports, international politics (maybe), movies, etc. In short, if something is worth writing about then we’re going to write it. Except the weather…unless its really, really interesting (for once). Wish me luck everybody, this is the beginning of a fun ride!

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