Local Food Has Benefits Beyond the Locavores and Localvores

Friendly Madison WI farmers selling produce

Buyers shopping at the Dane County farmer's market

In recent years, people have started questioning the wisdom of the international agricultural business.

After seeing crops devastated and the growing problem of fertilizer run-off, they began clamoring for organic foods. Once these farms started up, a new food movement was close behind. Locavore or Localvores attempt to limit their diet to locally produced foods.

Eating local has quite a few benefits. One, it’s better for the environment. This is because the food doesn’t have to be shipped as far, so the carbon footprint is much smaller. Two, it supports local farmers. Buying local goods helps revitalize local communities economically. For every 10 dollars spent at a community business, nearly $7 returns to the community, as opposed to approximately $4 for a big box business. Three, you have more control over the quality of goods. Most local stores place a high emphasis on quality or organic foods.

As a business that supports local growth, Atlas Signs and Plaques is happy with the locavore movement. Every dollar that we can keep in our communities is a huge help. Support your local businesses and try having a meal sourced only from local producers. It might seem tough, but accept the challenge and make it a beneficial game for you and your family. The exercise will be a great leaning and teaching experience.

Its always good to know where your food comes from. Buy local, support your friendly farmers, eat well, and be healthy.


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