Why You Should Read The Whole Post

A reading pillow

It's fundamental

Reading is a wonderful thing, especially if you read the entire post.

The short acronym tl;dr has become part of the internet lexicon, but it signals a significant problem. Tl;dr, which stands for “too long; didn’t read” shows the lack of care that people have for reading. This problem is especially dangerous in web commerce. One of the things that we hear is “How can we hang our signs?” And without fail, we have a link to the installation page on the item description. (You can check for yourself here.)

I realize that this isn’t the best forum for getting the message out (really, posting an article about people not reading on a blog, something that people who don’t read… won’t read), but it’s one of my pet peeves. If you have a good question about something and you can’t find the answer, then ask away. We might have overlooked something. But spend five minutes looking before asking us directly. We like your calls, but we don’t like wasting your time by forcing you to wait while we look something up.

As my kindergarten teacher said, “Ask three before me.” Look at three pages before calling or e-mailing us and you’ll find the answers to 90% of your sign questions.

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