Proselytize. Customizing. And 10 Words You Might Not Know.

Keep off.

Seriously...Don't Knock on This Door.

Today I ran into something very peculiar–the word Proselytize. It means to actively persuade someone into converting to a religion. Prior to today, I must confess, I didn’t know the definition of Proselytize and was admittedly offended because of it (its an English major thing). That being said, where I saw the word also struck me as strange. It wasn’t in a religious pamphlet, it wasn’t on TV, in the news, or online. It was on a sign…a privacy sign.


Jehova's Witnesses Beware

The original version of the sign reads, “No solicitors, no newspapers, no anything, no kidding”. The version that I saw today says “No solicitors, no proselytizing, no anything, no kidding”. This is yet another example of Atlas Signs and Plaques’ ability to customize every sign that we offer. Don’t like the phrasing we used on a sign? You can write your own. Don’t like a sign’s size? Send us an email…we’ll blow it up for you. Don’t like the graphics? You can choose your own. All your custom needs are satisfied at Atlas Signs and Plaques.


“Proselytize” impressed me so much that I decided to look up more arcane, strange looking words. What I found was the New York Times’ top 10 list of most searched for word definitions. Try using a couple of these words on a custom sign of your own!


no soliciting

A Good Choice of Words

10. Obduracy – Not easily moved by feelings; hardhearted.

9. Solipsistic – To deny the existence of others. (One of the handiest words around).

8. Apostates – Someone who forsakes their religion.

7. Opprobrium – Harsh criticism or censure.

6. Baldenfreude – Novelty version of shadenfreude; Finding pleasure in others’ misfortune.

5. Austerity – Stern, severe. (AKA: Severus Snape).

4. Tinnitus – A disease related to loss of hearing and the sensation of ringing in the ears.

3. Sui Generis (Latin) – of his, her, or their own kind.

2. Profligate – Utterly and shamelessly immoral.

1. Inchoate – Not yet completed.


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