Richard Neutra’s Typface: Neutraface

Richard Neutra

Neutraface Vertical House Numbers

Richard Neutra (1892 – 1970) is considered one of the most important architects of the modernist impression. His most famous works include: the Lovell house, the Gettysburg cyclorama (A turn-stile based panorama of the civil war battle), the Rice house, and the Von Sternberg house. The Von Sternberg house is of special importance because novelist/ philosopher Ayn Rand formerly owned the residence. According to Rand’s biographer, she bought the house in the 1940’s for $24,000 and sold it for $175,000. Not a bad investment, if you ask me. (Kind of like investing in their product. Big props if you know who they are.)

The Neutraface font, which is featured on our Neutraface Vertical Numbers plaque, takes many stylistic cues from both Neutra and Modernism. This influence is best seen through Neutraface’s numbers.

The numbers for this font have a very polar and unique style depending on which specific number is in question. Certain numbers have hard and sharp, crisp and firm lines; these are 3,4,5, and 7. They all share a very stern and formidable appearance. On the other hand; 2,6,8,9 and 0 all share a very rounded, almost plump look to them; especially 8. This styling difference contributes to making this font look very unique and eye catching—something all signs should strive to achieve.

This sign is also available in a horizontal format, so, as always with Atlas Signs and Plaques—you have options.

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