UPS vs. USPS: We Made the Switch


Brown Box Here We Come

There’s been a bit of a change around Atlas Signs and Plaques. Today we have officially switched our shipping carrier from USPS to UPS. When considering shipping there are always a few things to consider: costs, technology, reliability, and features. The number one reason we switched is because UPS offers lower shipping costs. This means that we can translate those prices onto our products and make shipping costs less pricey for our buyer. So everyone saves.

The second big reason we made the switch is because customers often complained that USPS only delivers packages if you sign for said package, unlike UPS. This makes it hard for people getting home from work around 6:00, who arrive just in time for the post office to be closed for half an hour. So with UPS customers will always get their packages as soon as they arrive, and no later.

The third reason we chose UPS is because they offer some really cool software that allows us to take addresses from order batches and print shipping labels without manually typing in addresses and other shipping components. This means that we will be able to operate more efficiently as a business. It also means that you, the customer, will be able to track your orders online–a feature that USPS does not offer.

And finally, the final reason we made the switch was because UPS’s outbound pickup comes to us, when we want it, on time, without fail. In the high-octane business world, effective efficiency is of prime importance.

So, none of these reasons other than the first will directly impact the majority of our customers, just know that we have made the switch and UPS will now be our package carrier.

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