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Claim Your Territory with a 3D Man Room Plaque

Label Your Man Cave with an Awesome 3D Man Room Sign


“This is my Man Room and there are no girls allowed” (unless they want to enter). 

All Manly Men have a Man Cave where they can do guy stuff, play poker, watch sports, and scratch. It is a well known fact that Girlie Men don’t need a special room, but real men do. (No offense intended to either). If you don’t have or want a Manly Man Room, then you are not a Real Man! Simple! So, mark your territory in a less offensive manner than you probably had in mind, by posting a Man Room Sign on the door. Since most others in your home don’t want to enter anyway, it will be very effective.

You can check out our other man cave signs by clicking here

While we’re at it, check out this cool and unique shop, OldPine, that made this awesome kitchen hutch on Etsy! They make all sorts of cabinets, tables, and many other items out of reclaimed wood and all of their stuff is made in the USA just like us, go and check them out!


Hutch by OldPine on Etsy

Atlas Makes Real Time By Adding Clocks To Metal Art Decor

Peace Sign Clock in Copper Verdi Finish

Peace Sign Clock in Copper Verdi Finish

The time spent in trying to impress others could be spent in doing the things by which others would be impressed.
Frank Romer
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A Quartz,  Made in the USA, Clock Works Can Be Added to Many Signs And Plaques

This example of peace sign art is our popular “Keep The Peace Sign” and is finished in the copper verdi finish. It looks like an antique copper wall clock.

The retro wall clock look is one of our favorites at Atlas Signs and Plaques, but you can have us turn most any of our plaques into a kitchen clock or a clock for the den or office. Just go to the Atlas Signs and Plaques “We Create Your Ideas” page for a quick start.

Anything is possible. How about your company logo with a clock? or Name Plates with a clock? or a Witty Phrase with a clock? Atlas Signs and Plaques can do it!

How do we do it? We apply real metal coatings to modern HDU foam (the same stuff used in the space program and for exterior signs for over 20 years). This gives us the freedom to create signs and plaques that are totally custom without the weight, wait, limitations, expense, or pollution of foundry casting. Better for you and better for the environment.

Get one at our e-commerce store or contact Atlas Signs and Plaques directly.

A thoughtful and unique gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a Wedding or Graduation.