What is the Perfect Gift for Grandparents?

It is an indisputable fact that grandparents have a profound impact on the development of their grandchildren. That influence is reflected in the child’s personality, eating habits, interests, and social awareness. Research also indicates that the consistent presence of a grandparent in a child’s life promotes kindness and compassion.

Understanding grandparents’ influence is easy. Finding gifts for grandparents is not. Many people don’t know how to shop for grandparents because most modern toys (iPhones, tablets, pcs) are considered too technologically confusing for elderly people. So what is the perfect gift for grandparents? The answer is not a Jitterbug©, or a box of chocolates; it’s a Carved Heart Sign from Atlas Signs and Plaques.


The perfect grandparent gift

A Uniquely Thoughtful and Enduring Gift

You may be thinking, “What makes the carved heart plaque such a perfect gift for grandparents?” For starters, it’s an old school throwback to years when people actually carved hearts on trees as a gesture of their undying teenage love. Times have changed, but memories remain. Odds are your grandparents remember the days when carving a heart in a tree was the highest form of flattery. Former Atlas Signs and Plaques Customer Jonathan Falter does.

Falter wrote us after receiving his carved heart plaque and his response was enthusiastic. He said, “I broke the law some 46 years ago and when I walk in the park with my wife we always stop and see the heart initials I carved as a young man. More than any photo or trinket in my house, your carved heart plaque reminds me of our love’s youth.”


Young Love, Revisited

Instead of buying a complicated gadget that your grandparents likely won’t understand; remind them of their young love with the perfect gift: a carved heart sign.



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