Why I Hate Political Advertising

Barack Obama Hope

A Rare GREAT Political Ad

Late summer is normally a beautiful thing. There’s crisp and cool air all around, football returning to the tube, and hunting season right around the corner. It seems sometimes that late summer is perfect in almost every way, that is, until you get your first political phone call. Sadly, political advertising is something that everyone suffers through—it’s a necessary evil of democracy. Although political advertising isn’t really detestable by nature, politicians often allow themselves to descend to a level of wretched filth that truly makes it overwhelming, annoying, and unbearable . So here are my top 5 reasons to hate political advertising.

5. Dear Congressmen: No one reads your dull door hangers…Kathy so-and-so is reforming the schools? Oh joy unbounded!

4. Negative advertising. I thought elections were about who is the best candidate, not whose closet has the most skeletons.

3. Thanks for calling! Completely sincere prerecorded phone calls are as precious to me as gym socks.

2. The excess. Barack Obama spent $750 million on his 08 presidential campaign. Is that not a bit much?

1. Because so many of the ads are flat out lies – like the last ten seconds of this juicy failure

My name is Jeff Herrmann , and I approve this message

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