How to Make a Sign (Part I)

If you have surfed on the Atlas Signs and Plaques website or seen our plaques online then it should come as a small marvel that our products are not solid cast metal. Instead of using heavy and impractical cast metal to make our signs, we employ a special process that allows for higher detail and more customization. So how, exactly, does one turn this into this this? Lets find out.

HDU Board

Your Sign Used to Look Like This

All of the beautiful signs we make stark their journey as boards of high density urethane (HDU). As you can see, these boards are not exactly the belles of the ball (yet). But there is hope for them; someday, every one of these dull, monochrome boards will turn into bright and colorful signs that will retain their luster for many lifetimes.

The first step on the journey is the boards’ meeting with the “Chuck” machine. Chuck is an interesting guy—his favorite hobby is chewing on HDU! One meeting with Chuck shapes the HDU into what they will be for the rest of their lives!

After going through Chuck, we then take the signs to the cutting board where they will receive incisions on their backs so that the customer can hang the sign or screw it onto some sort of prop. Here, Lou and Kelly are assuring that those incisions are lined up perfectly.

Next stop is the prepping station!

Two Whales

"Whale," Chuck Told This HDU


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