Why Shop at Local Businesses: America Benefits

When it comes to spending, the buyer always has the power. Buyers have the right to spend their money wherever they see fit. Every single business in existence, whether it’s large or local, wants the buyers’ money. The most common way to get that money is to have the lowest prices on the market. A smart buyer will shop at a large company because they know they are getting the best price. On the other hand, an educated buyer might shop at a local business instead. Why? Because the educated buyer understands the dangers of big box corporations.

Lady Liberry Plaque

A Product of American Small Business

Many of you know that big corporations push smaller, local businesses out of town. This means that Larry’s Tools, a local store in an urban area, will have no chance to compete if a Lowe’s shows up one day. Though sad for Larry, this is not exactly a sin. It’s capitalism. What is a sin, however, is from where most of these companies get their products and the means they are willing to stoop in order to secure their low prices.

China. The largest modern threat to American prosperity. Did you know that Wal-Mart imports nearly $15 billion worth of goods annually from China? That’s $15 billion going into China’s GDP and not America’s. This means that billions of dollars that could have been spent in America, making American products, are outsourced to China. Look, I’m not naïve enough to say that this is absolutely horrible because it does help global economics. What I will say is that I don’t understand why large businesses would import so many products from a country known for terrible wages and child slavery. Oh wait, yes I do—the almighty dollar. Human beings in China are being treated unfairly so that some big wig CEO can make his company even more money. I hope you see the ethical flaws in this as clearly as I do—they are very blatant.

Outsourced factory and office

Off to China for Negligible Wages

I’ll say it again–every business in the world wants your money. Every single one. What differentiates good businesses from bad businesses is the steps that each owner is willing to take to earn that dollar. Some businesses forgot their honor a long time ago and have been trading freely with other countries for a long time—ignoring ethical problems. Other, better businesses understand that the human condition is one of greed and power, but downplay those negative attributes to give you an honest product. So shop local—by doing so you are doing so much good.


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